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Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that involves putting very thin needles into the skin at certain points on your body to influence the energy flow.
Muscle Release Therapy (MRT) / Soft Tissue Therapy
MRT is a state-of-the-art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with overused muscles.
More than a therapeutic system to treat the misalignments of the joints, Drs. Marco and Paolo De Ciantis focus on diagnosing muscle- and joint-related injuries, developing unique programs that integrate pain management, rehabilitation, stretching, strengthening and injury prevention. Our team of chiropractors perform rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening activities, and muscle retraining to reduce and manage pain. These treatments are designed for all clients, ranging from those who want to make day-to-day activities easier and athletes looking to improve performance.
Computerized Gait Analysis & Orthotic Therapy
The treatment analyzes and determines specific foot problems that can lead to ankle, knee, hip and low-back pain. Custom-fit inserts will correct structural and biomechanical problems in the feet.
Registered Massage Therapy
Alleviate soft tissue discomfort associated with every day and occupational stresses and relieve inflammatory ailments, sports injuries, back pain, repetitive strain injury and other conditions.
Low-Level Laser Therapy & Magnetic Bio Stimulation (MBS)
Low-level laser light waves penetrate deeply into the skin with both anti- inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects including improved metabolism, improved blood circulation and stimulation of wound healing.
Treating disease and injury through physical methods including massage, heat treatment, therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy and other varieties of treatment.
Custom treatment designed to restore a good condition of health and facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness or disease as close to original condition as possible.
Shockwave Therapy
A revolutionary rehab technique that uses acoustic waves to effectively treat chronic pain including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, pain under strain at the knee. Relief is observed in as little as 8 to10 days after initial treatment.